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Training & Consultancy

Mission Statement

We are a global provider of strategic crisis management programmes working with companies worldwide to help them better prepare their workplaces, teams and organisations to manage a crisis.

About Deltar

Built on thirty years experience of its CEO, Deltar Training works with clients to understand the complex nature of the world that they are operating in, to develop effective corporate strategies to mitigate and manage those risks and to develop risk management capabilities across the organisation.

Deltar Training can help you enhance your sensitivity to potential threats, can increase your rapidity in recognising and engaging with those threats before they can escalate into actual impact, and can ensure that every aspect of your organisation understands their role, both individually and collectively, in the event that an incident or crisis management response is required.


The Deltar Strategic platform is offered in conjunction with the full Deltar range of support and development services. Training and Exercising are only part of a much fuller organisational capability development process.


Deltar is a specialist training consultancy providing UK government-accredited training courses that offer an integrated package of programmes from Level 4 , Level 5 , Level 6 and Level 7 Masters-level academic programmes.


Deltar is a global strategic risk and crisis management consultancy that specialises in working with organisations that have a high level of internal complexity, and are engaging with complex challenges in complex environments.


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