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Deltar Consultancy

Training, exercising and validation is a critical part of any organisational capability development – but it needs to be seen as an on-going progressive process, rather than a series of one-off events.

Deltar Consultants can help you develop a fully integrated training and exercising programme, from initial concept, through programme development and into delivery across multiple parts of the organisation.

The outcome will be a fully integrated risk and crisis management capability that can then be tested and validated through a series of increasingly challenging scenarios.

In-House Training

We can work with our clients by creating a fully integrated short-, medium- and longterm capacity development program that will benefit each area of operations at each level of management.

This includes both routine work procedures and emergency response procedures, proven against global best practice standards that can prepare organizations to respond smoothly and effectively to a wide range of high impact events, both planned for and unexpected.

Since the start of the global Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020, Deltar Training has delivered its range of training programmes as on-line webinars that have been delivered to 9,000+ participants from around the world. These programmes can be adapted to your own specific needs, and can be used to support your own global security risk management teams at a time when they may be under unprecedented personal and professional pressure.

The Offer

The Consultancy package that we have put together is designed specifically to support organisations in exploring their own strategic risk and crisis management issues, and to develop realistic, applicable and above all sustainable risk management procedures across their entire enterprise frameworks.

The Challenge

Particularly for large-scale complex organisations, the issues are not so much around external threats as internal management processes. That includes a shared risk awareness, understanding and terminology, as well as the development of the management structures that would support effective communication and decision-making.

Complex Organisations In Complex Environments

Risk and crisis management for complex organisations is all about integration of multiple stake-holders, both internal within the organisation and external with outlying networks.

Risk Register 2021

The Risk Register is perhaps the most critical document in the risk management cycle.

Special Projects

Deltar’s unique blend of academic research and over twenty five years experience in operational management, corporate management and international consultancy means that we can work with our clients in delivering one-off projects that involve a high level of integration and collaboration.

Free To Attend Training

The events of the last twelve months have been genuinely unprecedented. It is likely that there is not a single organisation in the world that will be doing business in 2021 in the same way that it did in 2019.

Table Top Exercising

Table-top exercising is critical in developing strong working relationships between multiple teams and agencies, and is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of increasing crisis management capabilities in any organisation, whether government or corporate.

A well-designed and delivered table-top exercise will test your current capabilities, identify shortfalls and develop a level of multi-team crisis management skills that will prove their worth across the organisation in any situation, not only when a crisis occurs.

The exercise itself is only one stage in the capability-development process, including pre-exercise preparation and post-exercise debriefing and lesson learning.

Deltar can work with you to develop a bespoke table-top exercising programme designed to meet your own needs, and to test specific aspects of your organisation’s response and crisis management capabilities.

Deltar’s consultants have been involved in the planning and delivery of some of the largest table-top exercises programmes in the world, including London Resilience Gold Command Crisis Management, London 2020 Olympics, 2014 FIFA World Cup, 2016 Rio Olympics, Dubai 2020 Expo and Exercise Unified Response (2016) the largest multi-agency emergency response exercise held in Europe.

Whether as a one-off event or an on-going organisational capability development programme, we can work with you to develop the programme that is most suitable to your needs, as well as ensuring that the participants, teams, leadership and organisation as a whole gain maximum benefit from the training.

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