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Special Projects

Special Projects

Deltar’s unique blend of academic research and over twenty five years experience in operational management, corporate management and international consultancy means that we can work with our clients in delivering one-off projects that involve a high level of integration and collaboration.

Global Security Audit

A major global oil support company, operating in 110 countries world-wide, requested an audit of the top ten high-risk operations, together with recommendations of future strategic development for the global security management system. Following discussions with senior corporate, regional and country managers, and a visit to one of the high-risk country operations, a detailed thirty page analysis of the current situation, gaps and vulnerabilities, and an outline of future strategic development was delivered, that could be used as the foundation for further development discussions.

Nigeria - Office of the National Security Adviser

Deltar worked with the Office of the National Security Adviser to prepare a London conference that would allow senior commanders from the NSA and other national agencies to meet their counter-parts in the UK, and to gain an understanding of how national inter-agency integration and collaboration could be achieved at strategic, tactical and operational levels.

Exercise Unified Response

The EU-supported Exercise Unified Response (March 2016) was the largest multi-agency, multinational emergency management exercise ever run in Europe. As part of the planning support team, Deltar Consultants CEO David Rubens was involved in ensuring that the data gathered from a major exercise on this scale could be used to improve the capabilities of emergency management agencies across Europe. The lessons learned from Exercise Unified Response can be transferred to any complex exercise, whatever the scale or scope of the event. Deltar Consultants can help you develop an exercise that will allow the integration of multiple partners and stake-holders, ensuring that each one makes their own contribution as well as benefiting from the opportunity to be part of a fully integrated multi-agency exercise and capability development programme.

London Resilience Gold Command Crisis Management Project

David Rubens is a member of the London Resilience Academic Group, a team of subjectmatter experts who support the London Resilience Gold Command Crisis Management Project. The LRGCCMP is the body responsible for delivering multi-agency crisis management capabilities for any major event hitting London, and causing potential or actual disruption. The lessons learned from designing a multiagency crisis management programme appropriate to a global centre such as London will have value for any organisation, whatever their size, location or nature of business.

East Japan Tsunami

The combination of academic research and operational experience available from Deltar’s consultants allows us to deliver high-level reports that capture lessons learned from highly complex events. Following the catastrophic events associated with the earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear reactor breakdown in Fukushima, Japan in 2011, Deltar Consultants CEO David Rubens wrote a detailed analysis of the post-event response management, highlighting a number of areas that would be of relevance to other similar high-impact crisis events. After the report was positively mentioned on LinkedIn, over three hundred agencies from around the world requested copies.

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