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The Challenge

The Challenge

Particularly for large-scale complex organisations, the issues are not so much around external threats as internal management processes. That includes a shared risk awareness, understanding and terminology, as well as the development of the management structures that would support effective communication and decision-making. Above all, it is about the risk culture and leadership that will allow the organisation to have the risk sensitivity, agility and rapidity that are needed to prepare for and respond to the risks that we will undoubtedly be facing in the coming year.

Although these issues are challenging, they are not unmanageable. An understanding of how effective enterprise-level risk management programmes can be developed, implemented and sustained on an-going basis is as much about the acceptance of risk management responsibilities as the need for new technology, management frameworks or radical organisational changes.
Deltar Consultants brings a unique mixture of academic insight, practitioner experience and consultancy support that will allow any organisation, whatever its sector, scale or scope, to benefit from improved risk management practices that can be introduced in a progressive way, adding value to all aspects of the organisation’s activities whilst minimising any negative impacts to any part of the operation.

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