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Deltar Training

Built on thirty years experience of its CEO, Deltar Training works with clients to understand the complex nature of the world that they are operating in, to develop effective corporate strategies to mitigate and manage those risks and to develop risk management capabilities across the organisation. Deltar

Training can help you enhance your sensitivity to potential threats, can increase your rapidity in recognising and engaging with those threats before they can escalate into actual impact, and can ensure that every aspect of your organisation understands their role, both individually and collectively, in the event that an incident or crisis management response is required.

Training Courses

Our work is founded on cutting edge-academic research, global best practices, case studies and real-world experience in developing and managing risk and resilience in some of the world’s major corporations and NGO’s, as well as global sporting and other events.

Level 4 Award in Foundations of Security and Risk Management

The Level 4 programme is designed for Team Leaders and Operational Managers, who want to have a better understanding of how to do their job in well-structured and professional manner, and also get a first professional qualification.

Level 5 Award in Strategic Planning and Management of Major Events

Major events are often the ultimate test of a city’s or even nation’s capability in terms of complex project management.

Level 5 Award in Corporate Risk and Crisis Management

This Level 5 programme is specifically designed for senior security, risk and business continuity managers who are being given responsibility for the planning, management and implementation of increasingly complex security, risk management, business continuity, emergency response or crisis management projects, often involving a high level of multi-agency and stakeholder integration, both internally and with external partners.

Level 5 Award in Urban Resilience and Major City Management

Strategic planning and management of major cities is fast becoming one of the central issues of 21st century risk and crisis management, as well as urban planning in general. 

Level 5 Award in Presilience, Leadership & High Performance

Presilience®, Leadership and High Performance is a modern qualification for the 21st century leader, offering internationally recognised accreditation through the Australian Skills Program and UK Level 5 Award Program.

Level 5 Award in Management of Vulnerable Adults

This Level 5 programme is designed for Team Leaders and Managers who want to have a better understanding of the issues associated with the management of vulnerable individuals, and who have the responsibility to create frameworks that can support the development of appropriate capabilities, policies, protocols and procedures within their own organisations.

Level 5 Award in Terrorism Awareness and Management

This programme is designed for security and risk managers who are being tasked with the modelling, planning and management of security programmes that are robust enough to protect their communities not just from accidents and disasters, but from wilful attack.

Level 6 Diploma in Strategic Risk and Crisis Management

The Level 6 Diploma in Strategic Risk and Crisis Management is a 12-month distance learning programme that gives participants an opportunity to engage in academic reading, research and writing, exploring the academic frameworks and theories that are the foundation of 21stcentury strategic risk management.

Level 7 diploma in Strategic Risk and Crisis Management (Masters Equivalent)

This programme is equivalent to a Masters-level dissertation, and follows on naturally from the Level 6 Diploma programme.

Dr David Rubens D.SyRM, CSyP, F.ISRM

Deltar Training CEO Dr David Rubens is widely recognised as a leading global expert in all aspects of training and education within the security risk and crisis management sectors.

He was one of the original trainers for the first Door Supervisor licensing programmes in the UK in 1991, and since then has personally taught over 12,000 students in all aspects of security, corporate risk management and academic programmes, including in seventeen countries since 2016 across Europe, Middle East, SE Asia, Latin America, Africa and Australia.

The webinar series that he developed in response to the global Covid-19 lockdown has seen over 9,000 people register on a range of Level 4 and Level 5 training programmes.

David completed his Doctorate in Security and Risk Management (DSyRM) at University of Portsmouth (2015), writing his thesis on alternative multi-agency command and control frameworks for hyper-complex crisis events.

He has been a Visiting Lecturer and Dissertation Supervisor on the University of Leicester ‘Terrorism, Security & Policing’ MSc programme, was a Visiting Lecturer on the Strategic Leadership Programme at Security & Resilience Department, Cranfield University, UK Defence Academy (2009-’10), and is currently a Visiting Lecturer on the International Masters programme in Security & Risk Management at Berlin School of Economics and Law.

He was a founder member of the London Resilience Crisis Management Academic Advisory Group, and is currently a member of the UK National Preparedness Commission.

Dr Rubens founded the Institute of Strategic Risk Management in 2018, which now has 16 International Chapters and is widely recognised as one of the leading institutions in the sector.

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