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Level 5 Award in Management of Vulnerable Adults

This Level 5 programme is designed for Team Leaders and Managers who want to have a better understanding of the issues associated with the management of vulnerable individuals, and who have the responsibility to create frameworks that can support the development of appropriate capabilities, policies, protocols and procedures within their own organisations.

Level 5

There is no-one who is involved with any aspect of interaction with the general public who is not faced with the reality of dealing with vulnerable adults on a regular basis.

It is something that can be challenging and disturbing, and potentially dangerous (though often the vulnerable adults we are dealing with are of greater danger to themselves that to anyone else around them).

Despite this, it is one area of personal and public safety that has received almost no recognition in any of the professional sectors that are likely to be engaged with these issues on a daily basis. In
many cases, individuals on the front line, as well as those managing them, seem to be expected to ‘just deal with it’ as though it is normal part of their daily activities.

The Deltar Frontline Level 5 Award in Managing Vulnerable Adults (offered as part of an integrated programme including a separate ‘Level 4 Award in Managing Vulnerable Adults’ designed for front-
line workers), gives those manager responsible for developing policies and frameworks for managing vulnerable adults, as well as those responsible for managing front-line operations, the opportunity to gain an insight into many of the issues associated with such situations, to be introduced to a range of best practices, and to have the chance to spend time together with others facing many of the same challenges, and to create a shared sense of community and mutual support.

Course material includes

  • Asset Based Community Development (ABCD)
  • Unconscious Bias and its
  • Barriers to services
  • Advocating for service users
  • Safeguarding and the vulnerable adult
  • Best practices
  • Developing protocols and frameworks, and Creating personal and organisational
    capability development roadmaps

The Level 5 Award in Managing Vulnerable Adults is part of the Deltar portfolio of accredited security and risk management training programmes, that have been widely recognised as being
leading professional qualifications in a wide range of sectors.

The course fee includes certification fee for the Ofqual-regulated Level 5 Award in Management of Vulnerable Adults, for which candidates will have to provide a short portfolio of assessed assignments.

Deltar programmes are supported by some of the leading organisations in the world, including Emirates Airlines Group Security, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Association of University Chief Security Officers, National Association of Healthcare Security, Institute of Hotel Security Management, Events Safety Alliance and Football Safety Officers

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