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About Us

Deltar is a global strategic risk and crisis management consultancy that specialises in working with organisations that have a high level of internal complexity, and are engaging with complex challenges in complex environments.


We bring a unique mixture of academic insight, practitioner experience and consultancy support developed through a wide range of projects working with organisations around the world, whether government agencies, corporate businesses, critical national infrastructures, NGOs, major global events or major city management. Our services are always designed to be supportive and progressive, building on existing structures and frameworks to develop sustainable strategic risk and crisis management capabilities that will have the capacity to model, prepare for and engage with critical events as and when they occur.

Deltar Global Network

In partnership with the Institute of Strategic Risk Management, Deltar Consultants can offer local support through its sixteen International Chapters in US, Europe, Middle East, Eastern Europe, East and West Africa, India, South-East Asia and the Nordic States. We are also able to offer access to real time updates across a range of security and risk management issues, through our members-only WhatsApp and social media networks.

Welcome Message From Dr David Rubens

“For modern security managers, the world is very different from that we were operating in ten or twenty years ago. One of the most fundamental differences is the complexity of the risk environment, and it is that complexity that leads to the crisis scenarios that we are faced with today.

For the modern corporation, every aspect of their operation is based on a highly-interconnected network of sub-operations, the failure of any one of which could be the trigger for a major, and potentially catastrophic organisational failure. The nature of outside events – natural disasters, climactic changes, terrorism, political instability or supply chain collapse to name but a few – pose challenges that few security managers have actually been prepared for.

Whilst each crisis is unique in itself, the challenges they create are highly predictable. It is the development of an integrated and sustainable crisis management capability, based on effective planning and on-going management, that differentiates those organisations that have an inbuilt resilience that will allow them to face those challenges as robustly as possible, and those organisations that are actually inherently unprepared, and are likely to fail at the earliest stage of any crisis situation.

Deltar Consultants can help you model the risk environment you are operating in, as well as identify the changes that need to be made whether on a local, regional or enterprise level. We can work with you to develop the most appropriate and effective change management process that will allow you to develop a strategic risk and crisis management capability that will be inbuilt into every aspect of your operation, as well as being robust enough to stand up to the range of risk management challenges that the next five years will undoubtedly bring.”

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