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Deltar Strategic

Training and Exercising are only part of a much fuller organisational capability development process.

Table-Top Exercising

We are delighted to announce the launch of Deltar Strategic, a table-top exercising platform that specialises in developing training programmes for complex organisations.

The Deltar Strategic platform allows organisations to exercise and test their communication, information exchange and decision-making procedures in controlled environments, seeing where their own systems create predictable failure points. It allows players to observe their own real-time responses, and to match that against expected outcomes.

The programme comes with a full analytical support system that allows captured data to be seen in multiple formats. The platform can be configured for any scenario and any environment, from the simplest to the most complex. It can also be delivered in multiple languages.

A reality we must face

When it comes to crisis management, it’s something organizations would rather not think about, but it’s a reality we must face, with the rise of natural disasters, cyber threats, security threats, and pending regulatory changes. Most organizations have an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) or an expected reaction in the face of the unexpected.

The question is – will they know how to activate it in the moment?

Statistics show that when the chips are down, the majority of organizations fail to manage a disaster in the right way. The price? Loss of reputation, loss of sales, loss of funds and in the worst cases - loss of life.

The Integrated Approach

A structured and progressive approach to organisational capability development allows any organisation to maximise the benefit it gets at every level – individual, team, department and enterprise – and to ensure that everyone in the organisation has a clear understanding both of their own roles and the overarching organisational methods and objectives within a potential or actual crisis event.

Effective crisis management capability – in fact, all aspects of security and risk management, whatever its nature – can only be truly effective if it includes ownership and engagement from all stakeholders. That is as true of the use of pass-cards as it is of enterprise level crisis management.

Deltar Strategic

A computerized crisis simulation that helps organizations face potential disasters and deal with them in “simulated” real time – better preparing for the “real thing.”

Simulates decision making scenarios focusing on real life interactions

Presents real time analytics and insights to enhance managers and organizations decision making processes

Compares real decision making processes to “anticipated” decision making

Understands why players act like they do

Helps improve procedures and take measures to be better prepared

Participants Feedback

JBSecurity Consultant, Bahamas
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"Oh my goodness!!! What an awesome tool. I had an amazing time participating in the exercise. Team 2 was awesome...the communication and cooperation between us made me feel like we were a well-oiled machine. I think that the program is an outstanding one and I would highly recommend it!"
SFSecurity Consultant, UK
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"I absolutely love participating on this table top experience I have learned so much this is an essential tool for any organisation that wants to be prepared for any crisis or disasters situation thank so much got this opportunity."
CACorporate Security Manager, Algeria
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"I enjoyed participating in the Top Exercise, really challenging and engaging. A Great tool for Crisis Management!"
APRisk Management Analyst, Government of Antigua
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"Thoroughly enjoyed playing a part in this high intensity, thought provoking crisis management exercise."
LADirector, Public Safety, UAE
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"I enjoyed this exercise, it was realistic and thought provoking. Thank you for the opportunity!"
NSProject Lead, BUiLD
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"A really valuable experience and a great training tool! Thank you Deltar Strategic and the team for hosting this interesting session."
LADirector of Safeguarding Services, UK University
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"Terrific VTTX today - I can highly recommend taking part in one of these exercises."
NGEmergency Planning Executive, Greece
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"Really enjoyed the exercise. An outstanding tool to have!"
RCCrisis Management Consultant, Qatar
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"Superb session, well designed and delivered."

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